Dancers bring “A Touch of Polynesia” to Cypress Festival

Rose Cason, director and choreographer of “A Touch of Polynesia,” and her colorfully-costumed dancers bring the exotic dances of central and southern Pacific Ocean indigenous peoples to Oak Knoll Park in Cypress.

The colorful costumes reflect the beautiful colors of nature found in Polynesia.

Polynesia embraces more than a thousand islands separated by hundreds of miles of open ocean but united by culture, including dance styles like the hula from Hawaii and Tahitian dance from French Polynesia. Dancers use their arms and hands as a way of communicating through dance.

Both Polynesian men and women dance as a social activity, but the choreography for males and females often differ strikingly.

Come and enjoy “A Touch of Polynesia” performing dances from Hawaii, Tahiti and New Zealand on the Cypress Festival main stage at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, July 28.

The Festival is held at Oak Knoll Park, 5700 Orange Ave. (west of Valley View St.) in Cypress. For more information, visit the Festival website at

Photo Caption: Enjoy exotic dances of the Pacific Islands performed by “A Touch of Polynesia” at the Cypress Community Festival on Saturday July 28.

Photo Caption: “A Touch of Polynesia” will demonstrate dances from Hawaii, Tahiti and New Zealand starting at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, July 28 at Oak Knoll Park in Cypress.

Photo Caption: The colorful costumes of Rose Carson’s “A Touch of Polynesia” dancers reflect the kaleidoscope of beautiful shades of nature found on faraway islands.

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