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Financial Peace Classes Start at Cypress Church on April 15th

Are you concerned about your financial future? Do you have a plan to pay for “emergency” expenses? Are you saving money for retirement? Cypress Church will be offering money management classes that address these issues starting April 15th. The first session is free to prospective students.
The 13 week program, Financial Peace University (FPU), is taught by radio talk show host and best selling author Dave Ramsey. FPU has helped more than one million families nationwide learn how to save for unexpected expenses, pay off debt and invest for future needs like education and retirement.
According to volunteer class coordinator Bob Koehler: “These classes will help you gain control over your finances so that that the lack of money will not control you. The average family that completes the program pays off more than $5,000 in debt and saves more than $2,500 in the first 91 days. Many are completely out of debt except for their mortgage in just 18 to 24 months.”
Each class session begins with video teaching from Dave Ramsey. Then there is a time for interactive discussions, budget planning and progress reports. Topics covered include: saving for emergencies, budgeting, relationship and money issues, buying big bargains, getting out of debt, understanding investments, understanding insurance, retirement and college planning, buyer beware. real estate mortgages, careers and extra jobs.
Classes will be held at the Cypress Church main campus located at 6143 Ball Road in Cypress just east of Valley View and are open to the community. Each family or individual participating in the class needs a membership kit which costs $89.00. The kit includes a lifetime husband/wife membership, textbook, workbook, budgeting forms, envelope system, audio cds and access to online tools. The lifetime membership allows participants to attend any FPU class at any time for a refresher course.
Information about Financial Peace University is available from class coordinator Bob Koehler at (310) 508-7909 or email: Online registration is available at the following link:

Photo Caption: Bob Koehler will be coordinating the Financial Peace University classes at Cypress Church beginning on April 15th at 1:00 p.m.